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Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah Bold Print Tshirt


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धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः “dharmo rakshti rakshitah” is 15th shlok of Chapter 8 from Manu Smriti, Which translates to Dharma protects when it is protected. This T-shirt represents the spirit and dharam nishta of all our ancestors who protected the dharma and saved bhartiye culture and civilization to get lost in ruins like all other ancient civilizations. This Sanskrit T-shirt will give a sense of pride and duties to all the dharmic beings out there.

धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः ⁠।
तस्माद् धर्मं न त्यजामि मा नो धर्मो हतोऽवधीत् ⁠।⁠।⁠

dharm ev hato hanti dharmo rakshati rakshitah ।
tasmaaddharmo na hantavyo ma no dharmo hatovadheet ।।

English Translation: Dharma(path of righteousness and ethics) when destroyed, destroys; Dharma protects when it is protected. Therefore dharma mustn’t be violated, otherwise violated dharma destroys us. This should be the guiding principle for lawmakers and law enforcers. Also, That which elevates one is Dharma. Dharma is that which leads you to the path of perfection and glory. Self-realisation is the highest Dharma.

Hindi Anuvaad:  धर्म का लोप कर देने से वह लोप करने वालों का नाश कर देता है और रक्षित किया हुआ धर्म रक्षक की रक्षा करता है। इसलिए धर्म का हनन कभी नहीं करना चाहिए, जिससे नष्ट धर्म कभी हमको न समाप्त कर दे।

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Kannada Print – ಧರ್ಮೋ ರಕ್ಷತಿ ರಕ್ಷಿತಃ Tshirt

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