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Kolam Rangoli Mug


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Kolam is the representation of the aesthetic intersection of spirituality and superstition with mathematics. This is not just a simple drawing, but an auspicious one. The kolam represents the female form and symbolizes the creative aspect of Parvati. It is believed to safeguard women from all dangers. Kolam The design of the Kolams has been carefully passed on from one generation to another. Kolams are used to ward off evil spirits, for decoration purposes and as a token of auspicious greetings.

Kolam , also known as Muggu or Tharai Aalangaram Rangoli is a form of traditional decorative art that is drawn by using rice flour as per age-old conventions. It is also drawn using white stone powder, chalk or chalk powder, often along with natural or synthetic color powders. Its origin belongs to the ancient Tamil Nadu known as Tamilakam and has since spread to the other southern Indian states of Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala. It can be found in some parts of Goa and Maharashtra. Since the Tamil diaspora is worldwide, the practice of kolam is found around the world, including in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and a few other Asian countries. More information on Wikipedia


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