Temples – The Replication of Bharat

Brahma brings you a personalized platform for Temples/Devalayam. In this module, you’ll get all the information related to temples. A proper insight on the history, construction, architecture style, shrines, and many other pieces of information. Various other features will also get added in the near future which will increase the area or domain of our work. From prasadam to 360-degree darshan of shrines- you’ll get all these from the comfort of your homes.

Brahma is a follower-led movement to create a comprehensive and detailed online repository of shrines throughout Bharat Varsha. We are a non-profit knowledge platform for documenting and storing as much detail as possible about shrines throughout Bharat Varsha.

Our goal is to introduce all the details related to the temple, such as: those contributed by believers like you, including its location, temple photos, videos, opening and closing times. You can search for nearby shrines that you do not know. Our goal is to bring our users closer to the rich heritage of our land.



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    Modern Encyclopedia, Temple Events, Live Darshan, Prasadam Delivery, Offline Community, Online Forums

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    Darshan, Prasadam, Temples

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