Brahma Patrika

Brahma Patrika is an upcoming monthly Indian magazine with great knowledgeable content. We want to encourage people to have great, knowledgeable, and healthy lifestyles with our great stuff. 


As there was nothing to satisfy contemporary Hindus, we have come up with a magazine concept to articulate in modern language India’s ancient wisdom. Brahma Patrika wanted to say all the important things, the profound things, but in an interesting voice that all could understand and appreciate. While Hindus living all around the world are not as much surrounded by their culture and faith as the Hindus of India, this magazine’s mandate was to also reach the millions of Hindus who are trying to keep their faith alive in far-off places surrounded by different cultures.


This Patrika is a voice for Sanatana Dharma’s all-embracing philosophy. It tells the world about India’s cultural riches: Ayurveda, classical and traditional dance, literature and drama, glorious temples and profound traditions of worship, the healing power of meditation and yoga, and the virtues of food and life. To those who are Hindu and to those merely attracted by the principles of Indian spirituality, it offers a common platform, a feeling of family, creating good vibrations.

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