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Aham Brahmasmi Tat Tvam Asi

Aham Brahmasmi Tat Tvam Asi

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Aham Brahma Asmi, Tat Tvam Asi 

This t-shirt celebrates the ultimate nature of existence and the connection between all beings. The design features bold, light-colored typography with the phrase "Aham Brahma Asmi", which translates to "I am Brahma". The words are eye-catching and make a powerful statement of one's divine nature.

The phrase "Tat Tvam Asi", which means "So are you", is also included in smaller, yet eye-catching typography. This serves as a reminder that we are all part of the same ultimate Creator and Preserver in the universe.

Wearing this t-shirt is a way to express one's connection to the universe and to all other beings. It is a reminder that our ultimate nature is divine, and that we are all one. Whether worn during a yoga class or in daily life, the Aham Brahma Asmi t-shirt is a powerful statement of oneness and unity.

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