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Ath Yoga Anushasanam

Ath Yoga Anushasanam

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This t-shirt is perfect for beginner yogis, yoga enthusiasts, yoga teachers, and instructors. The design features a beautiful Sanskrit typography with the phrase "अथ योगानुशासनम्", which is the first shloka of Patanjali Yoga Sutras. This translates to "Now let’s start the existing teaching of Yoga", indicating the beginning of the journey towards self-realization through the practice of yoga.

The typography is designed to be bold and eye-catching, while still maintaining a sense of simplicity and elegance. The use of Sanskrit adds a spiritual dimension to the design, reinforcing the ancient origins of yoga as a tool for self-improvement and self-discovery.

Wearing this t-shirt is a way to express one's dedication to the practice of yoga and to the journey towards self-realization. Whether worn during yoga practice, meditation, or in daily life, the "अथ योगानुशासनम्" t-shirt is a powerful statement of commitment to the practice of yoga.

So, if you are a beginner yogi, an enthusiast, a teacher or an instructor, this t-shirt is perfect for you. It is a unique and eye-catching addition to any yoga wardrobe, and a powerful reminder of the importance of starting the journey towards self-realization through the practice of yoga.

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