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Gaur-Nitai Doll Set

Gaur-Nitai Doll Set

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Elevate your child's imagination with our premium Gaur Nitai dolls, crafted in high-quality materials and reminiscent of charming rag dolls. 

Introduce your children to the enchanting story of Gaur and Nitai, also known as the two Lords Gaura and Nitai, Gauranga or Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda. Gaur symbolizes the radiant golden complexion, while Nityananda embodies eternal bliss.

Unveil the profound teachings of devotion and Bhajan through the Gaur and Nitai doll set. Let your children's creativity flourish as they enact these divine characters, instilling lessons of spirituality and dedication.

Safety is paramount – these dolls are not only washable but also crafted from non-toxic materials, providing a secure playtime environment. Upholding ethical values, the Gaur Nitai dolls are handcrafted by the skilled Vrajavasis of Sri Dham Vrindavana.

Join us in promoting a world of compassion and fairness. Enrich your child's life with the essence of devotion, culture, and spirituality. Bring home the Gaur Nitai dolls today, and watch your child embrace the stories of love and devotion while learning through play.


  • Crafted with Organic Materials: Made from high-quality, non-toxic, and washable organic fabrics for child-safe play.

  • Infused with Love and Sanskaar: Each doll is a handcrafted keepsake steeped in traditional values and meticulous care.

  • Bridge to Ancient Wisdom: Designed to introduce children to the rich tapestry of myths, legends, and spiritual teachings from ancient India.

  • Safe and Easy to Maintain: Washable materials make upkeep simple, keeping your child's companion fresh and clean.

  • Versatile Appeal: Perfect for both young hands and as respectful additions to spiritual or cultural settings.

  • More Than Just a Toy: Combines fun and education, aiming to enrich your child's character and cultural understanding.

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