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Sholo Gutti - Traditional Board Game

Sholo Gutti - Traditional Board Game

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Introducing Roll the Dice's Bead 16 game board set! Sholo Gutti, also known as Bead 16, is a traditional Indian game that has been enjoyed for generations. Our game board set features a beautifully crafted, high-quality board that is perfect for both casual and serious players. The set also includes all the pieces you need to play the game, including 16 orange beads and 16 black beads.

This game is not only fun and entertaining, but it also helps to improve strategic thinking, focus, and concentration. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, our game board set is perfect for hours of fun with friends and family. With its compact size, you can take it with you wherever you go, making it easy to play on the go.

Don't miss out on the fun, order your Roll the Dice's Sholo Gutti game board set today! Perfect for game night or any gathering.

Experience the thrill and excitement of Sholo Gutti like never before with Roll the Dice's Bead 16 game board set. Order now and get ready to roll the beads!

About Sholo Gutti

Sholo Gutti is a traditional outdoor game that is popular in India. It is a game of skill and accuracy that involves players trying to toss small wooden or stone discs into a small pit or goal. Players take turns tossing the discs from a designated starting point, trying to get as many as possible into the pit.

Sholo Gutti requires good hand-eye coordination, aim, and precision, as players must carefully aim and throw the discs to successfully land them in the pit. This game can be enjoyed by people of all ages and is often played during festivals and celebrations in Indian communities. If you're looking for a fun and challenging outdoor activity, Sholo Gutti is a great choice.

Ages: 4yrs + 

Inside the box

A soft and fine silk mat with dimensions 12 x 12 inches.
Game is embroidered with silk thread
Handcrafted pawns with Vegetable dye colors(Lacquer) from Channapattana
Orange pawn is of height 1.25 inch and 0.5inch diameter. 16 pieces of Orange color pawns.
Brown pawn is of height 1.25 inch and 0.5inch diameter. 16 pieces of Brown color pawns.
A small bag to pack the pawns
A play instruction document
6x6x2 inch Tin Box to package all the above


Playing Sholo Gutti offers a multifaceted learning experience for children, helping them develop a variety of skills and capabilities. Here are some key areas where kids can benefit:

Cognitive Skills:

  1. Strategic Thinking: The game requires players to think ahead and plan their moves carefully, which enhances strategic thinking.
  2. Pattern Recognition: Identifying opportunities to capture the opponent's beads or block their moves helps in developing pattern recognition skills.
  3. Decision Making: Choosing which bead to move and when to capture an opponent's bead hones decision-making abilities.

Social Skills:

  1. Turn-Taking: The game teaches the importance of waiting for one's turn, a crucial social skill.
  2. Teamwork: In variations with more than two players, teamwork and alliance-building can come into play.
  3. Sportsmanship: Learning how to win or lose gracefully is an important lesson from the game.

Emotional Skills:

  1. Emotional Regulation: Managing emotions during the highs and lows of the game is a valuable skill.
  2. Resilience: The tip to "be patient and don't give up" instills resilience and perseverance in kids.

Time Management:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: In the timed mode, kids learn to make quick but effective decisions, enhancing their time management skills.

Fine Motor Skills:

  1. Hand-Eye Coordination: The act of moving beads helps in developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Mathematical Skills:

  1. Counting: Keeping track of captured beads involves basic counting skills.

Cultural Awareness:

  1. Cultural Connection: Playing a traditional game like Sholo Gutti can help children connect with their cultural heritage.

Language Skills:

  1. Vocabulary and Communication: Learning the rules and discussing strategies can enrich a child's vocabulary and communication skills.

Sholo Gutti is not just a game but a comprehensive tool for cognitive, social, emotional, and cultural development, making it an excellent choice for children's holistic growth.

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