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Dharam Samrat Swami Karpatri Ji Maharaj T-shirt

Dharam Samrat Swami Karpatri Ji Maharaj T-shirt

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Swami Karpatri Ji was born in 1905 at Bhatni of Pratapgarh and got Brahmleen in 1980 at Kaashi. He was a monk in the Hindu Dashanami monastic tradition. He is also known as Hariharananda Saraswati.
He had founded Dharma Sangha in Varanasi city (City of God). He lived his life in Banaras for many years. He was a teacher of the Hindu philosophy of Advaita Vedanta tradition and Shri Vidya.

He had founded the Ram Rajya Parishad (a most famous traditionalist Hindu party) in the year 1948. According to the French Indologist (Alain Danielou), Karpatri Ji had instigated him into Shaivite Hinduism.

The idea behind this T-shirt is to make Bharatwaasi aware of one of the greatest saints Swami Shri Karpatri Ji Maharaj and his teachings.

Swami ji gave the slogan – धर्म की जय हो ,अधर्म का नाश हो ,प्राणियों में सद्भावना हो ,विश्व का कल्याण हो ,गौ माता की जय हो,गौ हत्या बंद हो |

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