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The Vrindavan Doll Set

The Vrindavan Doll Set

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Step into the captivating realm of Vrindavan with our exquisite Krishna in Vrindavan rag doll set, crafted from high-quality materials. A must-have for every child, these dolls open the door to the ancient and spiritual world of Vrindavan. Immerse your children in the enchanting tales as they play with our diverse range of Vrindavan doll sets.

Invite your little ones to explore the Krishna family, which includes Krishna, Balram, and their loving parents Nanda and Yashoda. Unveil the world of Krishna's friends,  Ashtasakhis and their adventures on Giriraj Mountains and let them revel in the Krishna and Radha with friends set. Explore the stories of two demons Keshi and Dhenuka. Our collection offers a wide variety of sets, each depicting different facets of this captivating tale.

Share the captivating and daring life of Krishna with his family and companions, and encourage your children to reenact these stories with their cherished doll pairs. Designed to ensure ease, these dolls are washable and completely non-toxic, prioritizing your child's safety during playtime.

Crafted by the Vrajavasis of Sri Dham Vrindavana, these dolls embody our commitment to cruelty-free and fair trade principles. Embrace the essence of Vrindavan and its spiritual richness through play. Discover the enchanting world of Krishna in Vrindavan today and join us in promoting ethical and meaningful play experiences.


  • Crafted with Organic Materials: Made from high-quality, non-toxic, and washable organic fabrics for child-safe play.

  • Infused with Love and Sanskaar: Each doll is a handcrafted keepsake steeped in traditional values and meticulous care.

  • Bridge to Ancient Wisdom: Designed to introduce children to the rich tapestry of myths, legends, and spiritual teachings from ancient India.

  • Safe and Easy to Maintain: Washable materials make upkeep simple, keeping your child's companion fresh and clean.

  • Versatile Appeal: Perfect for both young hands and as respectful additions to spiritual or cultural settings.

  • More Than Just a Toy: Combines fun and education, aiming to enrich your child's character and cultural understanding.

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